Thursday, October 7, 2010

Knee Pain

Dr. Vijay C Bose

October 2010

I took the advice of Mr. Saravana of Dharmpuri and decided to visit Mr. Vijay C Bose who used to sit in Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nandanan in Chennai. I got the appointment, telephone numbers and visiting hour’s details were given by Dr Saravana, Dharmpuri. The day was Wednesday, time was 5.30 pm. I with
Umera and Umaid decided to start to Chennai by Bangalore Express and Ishtiaq will be there in the station to see off us and facilitate the boarding. But unfortunately we missed the express train, and force to catch the bus to Chennai. Somehow we decided to take the bus and travel to Chennai. We reached to Koyem medu and got a bus to Mambalam and from there we took an auto to Nandanan and the hospital. But it was a horrible experience for us to get to the Hospital

The hospital building was nice. The massive glass panels were very impressive, which were kept clean and neat. My son Umaid’s comment: we should build a home with such huge glass panels in the front.
The formalities were waiting us in the hospital. We got rid of them immediately and went to see Mr. Vijay. After a wait of almost two hours we enter in the chamber of Dr. Vijay. He seemed to be too young for his degrees and profession. He was black. He talked very nice

ly. He had very patient ears and listened very carefully and supporting. Finally he suggested taking MRI Scan and visiting him again. He referred to Saravana Scans, nearby in Nandanan. We went there and knew that the scan routine would take about 45 minutes, as it was almost 9 o’clock so we decided to take scan tomorrow. We got an auto and reached Haj committee, Choolai. There we got a room and Umaid was happy and talked to his sister Rakia very happily about his first stay in the h
otel room over phone.

Next morning we got up, and after changing the dresses, we set and discussed our day plan. Actually haj was much very near to happen. The haj committee was busy in the arrangements for the Hajees, who were expected very soon. So the Haj committee’s lan, Hall, Corridors all were clean and wore a fresh look. We came out from the haj committee and got one auto to go to Saravana Scans, in nandanam. We reached the venue and found out Saravana Scans. I paid the amount and on queue to be scanned. On my turn, I went inside the Scanning Room. The scanning machine was in C shape which was user’s friendly, the ad comment says so in the entrance. That man tied some weights in my leg and advised me not to move for another 30 minute, as the scanning would be in progress. If I moved, the results would be out of focus and unclear. Since my knee pain did not allow me to stay in one position for a longer time. So it was horrible for me to lay idle w1ithout any movement. After a gap of ten minutes, the knee pain started and pain sound was releasing automatically from me. Anyhow, the scanning was over and I was released by the man mercifully. My leg was stiff and found difficulties in walking. Somehow I managed and came out of the room. Umera reminded us about the time and suggested

that we must have our lunch now. We came out from the premises and looked for some decent hotel to eat there. We found one in front of the Scanning complex, went there and ate our lunch.

We were back at the Saravana Scans and waited for the report. After a long wait, the girl in the reception called and handed over the report to me. I just got the report and went out. We walked down a little and tried to get on a bus but Umera refused fearing that Umaid might fell out from the bus. Then we got an auto and rode to the haj committee back. There we saw the scan report and as I expected: It was clear that I had Arthritis and tuberculosis. So instead of going back to Vaniyambadi, we decided to stay and see Dr. Vijay. I asked for an appointment on Friday Evening and extended my stay in Haj committee for another day.

It was almost 3 o’clock, as we were very tired and wanted to take some rest. We slept for a while peacefully, when we woke up, it was 6 o’clock in the evening. We wanted to go out and purchase some clothes and take our meals. We went to Krishna textiles in Pursawakkam. Then we went to Madar Shaw showrooms and purchased nightwear for Rakia. All of sudden, my knee pain started severely and my walking become very difficult. I wanted to come back to the room and sleep. Umera supported me and asked Umaid not to insist on taking the meals in Deccan Hotel, which needed some walking. Anyway we took meals from Welcome Hotel, and get back to the Haj Committee room, and slept peacefully.

Next day we had our appointment with Dr. Vijay on 6.00 pm. We had no work. Nobody wanted to go out. Even I had a lingering pain in my knee joint. I was in bed the whole day. Umaid was wondering like free bird in the whole building of Haj committee. We planned to see the doctor and start for Vaniyambadi from the hospital itself. We packed everything and left Haj committee. We reached Apollo Specialty Hospital, Nandanan and waited for my turn anxiously and patiently. Then we were in the doctor’s room. He carefully studied the scan reports. All the positions and searched for any discrepancies. Then w he told me that I had the possibility of having infected with tuberculosis. But this could be confirmed only by the biopsy tests. He put two options before me. One was that, assuming I was having infected with tuberculosis, I must take medicine for at least 6 months. I should not stop taking medicine at any time before completion of the course. The other option was to go under surgery. They call it arthroscopy. Dr. Vijay told that the operation can be carried on outpatient basis. It was so simple. While doing arthroscopy, biopsy test can be done which in turn confirm the type of infection. I was perplexed. Even Umera was not in a position to decide. Seeing our dilemma, Dr. Vijay allowed to take time to make the decision outside his room. We came out and made a decision that we must get a prescription for tuberculosis and take the help of Mr. Fayaz Kamal, our family doctor in Vaniyambadi. We did the same and came out of the hospital to go to Vaniyambadi. We got one auto to Mambalam, from Mambalam to koyem medu to Vaniyambadi. We reached Vaniyambadi by 1.30 am. Ishtiaq was there to receive us in the bypass road at these late hours. We came back to the home by auto.