Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Fine Morning......

25.12.13: 09:45 am

No work, tannery was on restriction imposed by the CETP to rejuvenate the system. But no one had any reason and or interest to visit the tannery. The morality of the customers and the workers was touching to its lowest now a day. But I was there along with a security personnel and doing some odd pending jobs. I dusted off the unattended pile of files and took out the most boring but imperative documents, and immersed reluctantly. The painful silence reigned but breached frequently with occasional verbal bash of the tired mother from the neighborhood slum to her ever annoying children and the harsh sound of the bypassing aged two wheelers. The atmosphere was sun-drenched and filled with the tainted smell of stagnated waters around the wet-work area and the odor of decomposing dry salted skins which threatened to curtail the revenue-margins honestly.

After two hours in breaking my head with those menacing job of alt-x, alt-c and alt-v and shuffling the yellow papers, left to my sisters house advising the security to be on alert and take care. She asked my wife when they met in a funeral yesterday to remind me to see her.

Spending sometime there, I came to the home and had lunch. Today there was neither feel of holiday nor a satisfaction of accomplishment. Its like “Fursat bhi nahin Kam bhi nahin”.

I rushed back to tannery to complete the pending job and came back to home finally after ensuring the turnout of securities at night. The girl was preoccupied with her books and study materials. The boy switched off the TV and extended his hand to get the tab as soon as he noticed me in the hall. And she was at her favorite smelling and smoky place.

25.12.13: 09: 00 pm

I was lull and tedious. She had some questions and worries in her eyes, when she found me in the bed instead of on my chair before the TV for my favorite news session. And you know I could not explain her about that nothingness. She too didn’t choose to ask anything but offered head massage after meals. I wondered that sometime the wives act so maturely and understand you so completely. You agree or not? Soon I was lost in the darkness of sleep.

26.12.13; 1: 47 am

The shrill and frightening sound of so friendly ringtone. Though I was in a deep sleep, I picked the mobile at the very first ring for sure. At the same time I realized that something was terribly wrong before I pressed the green switch. Yes It was him on the other end. My brother’s son!

(to be continued)

26.12.13: 1: 50 am

He stammered fearfully and asked me to get there soon. He, my elder brother seemed to be going thro’ some substantial anguish. I got apprehensive and called on my brother in law and asked him to pick me up to my brother. There, a little mob of relatives gathered around him, was in a state of shock. The brother was breathless and had a difficult time to compose himself. His blank occasional glances included pain, inability, space, detachment and loss of control; slowly he was losing his correlation with the surroundings. The nephew had no clue, what to do at this hour. Everybody was in a trance and trauma!

26.12.13: 2.05 am

Somehow he was taken to the car and bundled inside. There he became uneasy and giving a tough time to his companions including me. He was falling into the headrest of the front seat and we were afraid of a fatal injury. Soon we were near to the emergency hospital.

26.12.12: 2.30 am

The doctor yelled to the worrying relatives to keep calm and let him do his job, which actually elevated the confidence of the mob. The nurse connected all the leads of the ECG and cardiac pulse recorder to the body dutifully. The machines started to record/show the activities. The mask from the respirators was pressed to his face. An uneasy silence prevailed in the emergency hall.

Fear whispered silently, hope soothed hesitantly, faith nodded reassuringly.

The doctor was busy administrating the medicines, and checking out the animating data in the monitor constantly, hardly giving a damn to our presence. He whispered to a nurse and nodded to the other and made some sign to the third one, in response, they reacted swiftly as per his commands. He was urging the patient to co-operate and the patient responded vaguely. Alhumdullillah! Slowly the pulse rate increased consistently. The respirator showed a satisfied oxygen pressure. The blood pressure was brought under control. The doctor concluded smilingly that the patient was stable now and turned to attend other patients.

26.12.12: 4; 25 am

This was not the first time for me to be in this white lobby with beds and inert/twitching bodies. I witnessed two such scenarios in my past and saw how the death smiles after triumphing over life in this white arena amidst the live monitors, beeps, gadgets, tubes, syringes, cannula, loving ones and medical genius. But Allah had chosen not to show such battles to me this time. The brother was soon ushered in the ICU for monitoring. A radiant smile appeared in the face of everyone present, their eyes fighting hard with sleep vainly but filled with gratitude now…. I came out from the emergency to pick up my part of sleep too.... fully aware of the message the awakening sun had for me

Involuntarily, there came again the ultimate word of gratitude “Alhumdullilah” and waited impatiently for the call of Success!

DuaoN ka talib

TK Rafeeq Ahmed, Vaniyambadi


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