My Teachers

The teachers who taught me in the schools were a stalwart of discipline, tolerance, ever resisting, tireless, devout and dedicated.  I can remember them vividly after 40 years. I studied my primaries in a government aided school which had very little infrastructure.  Normally all the boys were from poor and middle class.  My father was a tanner and exporter at that time and a name to reckon in social service.  He was attached to VME Society, a prestigious body which plays a important role in the reforming and literacy of the people. I enjoyed his privilege in the school.

Anyway, my teachers, who were the sole responsible for the betterment of the students, like me. Jabbar Hazrat and Sattar Hazrat who taught me the basics were very poor and humble in their appearance.   Jabbar Hazrat smoked a lot.  When ever he entered the class, the smell of tobacco reached us before. He always wore lt beige-colored lungi and shirt, which became a little dirty very soon. He used to sell us the chalk piece like material, called “Qalam” .Sattar Hazrat had no or little teeth, he would speak like giggling.

Noorullah Hazrat - was clean and well dressed.  He used to wear some fragrance which smelled very good. Our mind would get fresh as soon as he enter the class. His hand writing was very good.  He used to write in a very stylish manner.  Hence, we tried to write like him.  He was very young, my be 25 yrs or 28 yrs at that time.  We still used to see him in the streets very frequently and wished him with lot of respect.  May God keep him in good health and happy - Amen.
Kamal Hazrath, he would have a tall and large body.  Whenever I saw his face, I could only see certain type of anger and reticence. How ever, he was good hearted and would speak in low and husky voice which was hardly audible. He taught us Science, Mathematics and English in 4th and 5th standards.  He died very recently.  I attended his funeral too in Old Mosque, Muslimpur.

Another humble and hardworking teacher who happened to us was Nooruddin Hazrath.  He was tall and bony.  He had his right hand paralyzed.  His voice was very low and soft but occationally, anger would make him snarling. Finally, it was Bade Hazrat meaning The Big Teacher.  His name was Basheer Ahmed.  His vary voice would invoke fear.  He used to teacht only 5th class  and manage all the administrative work.
(to be Continued)