Monday, December 28, 2009

How I quit Smoking

October 2009:

It was bright and sunny october morning when I decided to see that Punjabi hakeem who was referred to by my younger brother Jaweed Ahmed, as my knees pained in very much classic way, troubling a lot to me. I avoided my pain keller that morning, making my knee more stiff and disturbing. A hectic raining session said welcome to a warm and fast approaching winter. Ramzan was over a few days back. So in the railway station, it was warm and sunny with green and fresh trees- thanks to the recent rain - standing like mailstones of Nature.

In the train, the rush was as usaul and we settled down after a standing of 45 minutes near the toilet and exit of the train. Once we got the seat, I was just looking through the window blindly the running trees, galloping electric posts and sun soaked landscape zooming out and disappearing fastly. For the past four month, I was expariencing the pain in right knees. Now only I knew, what pain is. The persistent pain in the knee made my life horrible. The simple actions like sitting in the floor, getting up suddenly, even sujda(prayar) become very difficult and painful. The culprit was ortho arthritis. Altaf Bhai was telling that I must quit smoking to get rid of this pain and visit Dr. Pal Aiukutty and take medicine regularly. But in vain. I was taking a costly tablets prescribed by Dr. paul for the past two months religiouly. But the pain was there. Even in Ramzan I was not able to perform namaz. After a lot of persuassion from jaweed, I agreed to see that hakeem for my arthritis.

As soon as we reached Chennai, we got an auto, bargained and went to the punjabi hakeem. In auto, I started puffing as smoking was banned in trains. We waited and went upstairs to consult. As I set in the consulting stool, he, the hakeem, started a lousy conversation regarding my smoking after snirling the tabacco smell. He emphasised in a furious way that his tablets and treatment wont work at all if I continued smoking. Actually, he was not doctor by profession. He owned a hardware shop where most of the plumbing materials and accessories were available. He got some special interest in hikmat. He learned everything about allopathy medicine with passion and interest and practiced the same in a professional way. He did not charge any thing as consulting fees. Jaweed was impressed and claimed tall about his treatment and after effects. I did not know what was in his lousy talking and the way he talked. But I decided at that time two things. First was that I would not take his medicine and second one was that I would not smoke hereafter. After that we came out from his office and purchased some toys for our children and went to Darbar Hotel for lunch. Before taking the lunch, smoked prabably for the last time and promised to myself that I would not smoke again. Then we went to Chennai Central and caught a train to our native.

The smoke before lunch in Darbar Hotel, Chennai become the last one, till date I have not smoked once. Thanks God. I was determined like hell not to smoke once. But the temptation was driving me crazy. The war inside me was terrible and drifting me apart into pieces. I was shuttered. I avoided my night sessions with computor. I started taking something to munch in the middle of the nights. I went to bed earlier. My life changed a lot, after I decided to quit smoking. I was on the verge of completing the 3d video of islamiah High school. I have not done the composing and editing the music files yet and compiling was in the final stages. I wanted to upload the video in YouTube before October end.


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