Monday, December 19, 2011

Gas Cylinder

…..Suddenly she held her breath and tried to listen something intently…I too was all ears and heard the distant sound of rolling of gas cylinder.. .We both silently waited for sometime….It stopped at our door. The door bell rang and he yelled “Gas…”…Her face lit up and she smiled from ear to ear…She extended her hand before me. I simply reached for my purse… Both were due for very long….Gas cylinder and the smile of such brilliance!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Legend of Leather Industries

:::TEXT FROM THE VIDEO:::VELLORE - The Kingdom of the Nayaks, Marathas, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultans. And home to the mighty Viyanagar empire. The land of the 1806 Sepoy Mutiny and the Battle of Gadambur is immersed in rich history for many centuries. Ranipet, Ambur, Vaniymbadi, Pernambut and Melvisharam are a few well known towns of the Vellore district. It is believed that almost 150 years ago by the free flowing Palar river, the leather industry took its initaial steps. Later, a few dynamic men stepped in with a grand vision to take the industry and the people of the district forward. Today the industry has grown to iconic proportions and is inspiration for many.It is now our privilege to step bak into history and remember the legends of athe industry.Video inserted on 25.11.2012 (1745 views)THE LEGEND OF LEATHER INDUSTRIESNawab C.Abdul Hakeem Sahib - Melvisharam (1863-1938)- A visionary and a philanthropist, the likes of which the district has never seen before or after.kaka Haji Mohamed Omer Sahib - Battarapalli (1864-1927) - He bought 200 acres of land from the British and gifted it to the people. The land today is Oomerabad, the village near Ambur which is named after him.Paktini Hadee Basha Sahib - Melvisharam- He was the first man to start a tannery in Ranipet. He even supplied leather to all the cavalry in the Mysore Kingdom at one time.Jalal Haji Abdul Carim Sahib - Ambur (1865-1939)- A phenomenon in the industry who came to beknownas the "Leather King"Banghi Hayath Basha Sahib - Ambur (1869-1929)- A Champion of the industry who fought for the cause of the poor and needyPaktini Haji Abdul Khader Sahib - Melvisharam (1872-1956)- A righteous man with far reaching ideasMerit Mohammed Ismail Sahib - Pernambut (1885-1967)- Known as the 'Cow King' he set many standards for the industry to followMalang Ahmed Basha Sahib - Vaniyambadi (1893-1947)- A businessman, politician and educationistCL Abdul Subhan Sahib - Vaniyambadi (1900-1948)- A freedom fighter and man who fought for all the riaght casues.PM Batcha Sahib - Melvisharam (1900-1975)- He presented the casue of the leather industry as an acative member of many institutionsTK Mohammed Zackria Sahib Vaniyambadi (1902-1955)- A man of great ambition and the will to succeedP Abdul Khayoom Sahib Ambur (1902-1970)- A humble man. He was a good adviser to tanners and exporters.MA Khizar Hussain Sahib Melvisharam (1902-1976)- The man who led life with great discipline and taught others the same virtue.Mecca Abdul Majid Sahib Ambur (1903-1978)- Known for his soft spoken nature, he established a firm that is among the leaders in the industry.Miya Haji Mohammed Zackria Sahib Vaniyambadi (1904-1968)- Known for his generosity, he was closely connected with various educational and charitable institutions.T. Abdul Wahid Sahib Ambur (1910-1998)- His dynamism set the stage for many other industrialists to followAnaikar Haji Abdul Shukoor Sahib Nariyambet (1910-1979)- He was known as the 'Man with the golden touch' Everything he did succeeded. He established an empire which lives onSri PS Rajagopal Naidu Ambur (1914-2009)- A man of diverse virtues, he led the co-operative movement. Besides which he was a leading businessman and politicianNaivasal Mohammed Hussain Sahib Vaniyambadi (1914-1988)- Progressive, aggressive and dynamicChittanai Abdul Aziz Sahib Pernambut (1919-1999)- A leader in his own right, he made many progressive decisions for the development of the leather industry and the townSri SA Rajamannar Vaniyambadi (1919-2004)- A successful businessman and a dedicated public servantP Khaleelur Rahman Sahib Vaniyambadi (1925-1999)- A visionary who almost four decades ago initiated plans for setting up of an Effluent plant.These visionaries have left behind a legacy that is enduring to this day.And will do so in the times to come.------------------------------------------------------------------------Kal aur aaienge naghmoN ke khilti kalyaN chunne walemujh se behtar kehne wale, tum se behtar sunne wale

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In V - Group before Ramzan Eid & Reunion

With 688 members, we share, we post, we comment, we teach, we learn, we gain, we contribute, we debate, we criticize, we appreciate, we agree, we differ...This is possible because we have proudly a forum called "Vaniyambadi" by the grace of Almighty...A big thanks to Absar Ahmed...we take a step ahead.. then another one.. then another one …..we will go like this ...insha_allah