Thursday, September 29, 2011

In V - Group before Ramzan Eid & Reunion

With 688 members, we share, we post, we comment, we teach, we learn, we gain, we contribute, we debate, we criticize, we appreciate, we agree, we differ...This is possible because we have proudly a forum called "Vaniyambadi" by the grace of Almighty...A big thanks to Absar Ahmed...we take a step ahead.. then another one.. then another one …..we will go like this ...insha_allah

With the commencement of Ramadan Kareem, Prof. Rahmathullah Sahib presented an intro of Naya Madrasa, VNB.and the project gained momentum with support of Absar Ahmed, Abdullah Basha and shaik usman, Impressive are their attitudes - ready to do work for a cause. Shaik Usman 's two picks became pet projects of Absar Ahmed and Abdullah Basha. These two picks were Issrar, student of Anna University, Trichy and Masjid e Noor of Venkattasamuthram...... A poor student comes out of financial crunch and A mosque got the required attention.. Al humdullilah

Prof Imran 's post were eye openers. He covers almost everything - Namaz, Glands, liver, sacretions, efficiency of Brain, alpha and beta waves, nuerons, magnetic field, gravity, speed, pressure of air and ozone, metoers, suggestion of renaming, Telewada, and Mohammad Faizuddin Khazi's elobarations regarding miswak, Casien, resumes,animals, Dictionary, Antartica, arctic, Climatic changes and finally rain-soil-Quranic reference are fantastic and fabulous.

Zafar Ahmed's one liners and modest posting of ash_har like "Main Faqat Khaak Hoon...", Touseef Ahmed's journalism, Khalid Bcc's postings of Humble Shayeri and his jolt to the smokers *smile*, Prof. Rahmathullah's updates of Qaddafi and Libya, Syed Saifullah's questions about Islam & Quran and action plan of Cleaning, Thanvier thangalvadi 's sincere posts and particularly ".adapting to modern trend without compromising on your deeni education..." make a statement.

The demise of janab Gani Md. Aslam Sahib and the homage paid to him, we mourned together. The inspiring demonstrations of patriotism from the members on the event of 65th Independence Day were highlights of the group with a sincere reverence paid to the teachers. Dr. Qualid Fareed and Dr Nadeem Ahmed Vellore's achievements from University of South Carolina, United States of America and other Navnihals of Vaniyambadi make us proud. Junaid Ameen M’s famous ganji link with K Noorul Ameen's comment " Ganji Thread Rocks! 0-60 comments in 36 hours flat!" shows our simplicity and down to earth nature. Miyan Haseeb and Waseem Ahmed's posts about the general power cut on the occasion of lalaithul Qadar and idd and the spontaneous out burst from the members

Though Anna Hazare won after a fasting of 288 hours, but I am sure that he would run for his life if he sees Zafar Ahmed and Shaik Usman togather in one place. With "Kush Mizaji" of the members like Thanvier Thangalwadi, Imran predhanekar, Mohd Haris, Syed Saifullah, Abdullah Basha, Zafar Ahmed the forum came alive !!!

Finally Absar Ahmed's template of Last Will...In Tameem Ansari's words - "....I am getting goosebumps as I read thru...." A must for all. To be followed immediately.. and the updates from Gani Jaweed and Mohammed Absar regarding Irene Hurricane

It is really very touching that those who are abroad, cry, weep, smile, laugh, contribute, and adore for Vaniyambadi, though they are thousands mile away, still their heart throb for Vaniyambadi

I got the immense benefits of being Vaniyambadian, being in Vaniyambadi Group (again thanks to Absar Ahmed and other admins) and finally being a facebooker. With 101 members assuring to attend/participate, I pray that Vaniyambadi Reunion may come out successful and become a Robert Frost says:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Eid Mubarak
Expecting all in Vaniyambadi Reunion
Posted in V - Group: Facebook group on 25.09.11 before Ramzan 2011


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