My Classmates

As you grow older, more clearly you remember your child hood. that is why this sincere attempt.  Those recalling were as if I was travelling in the corridors of time.  Some time I  remember every thing clearly, some time all of my attempt to recall would go in vain.  However I tried my best to put all the links in the chain in a proper way.

I can see the following on the horizon of memory, If  I have forget to mention someone, please email me.

Class Mates in Madaras e Azam

S.Shabbeer Ahmed
Syed Md. Aslam
BM Nasir
Chalamkar Siraj Ahmed
G. Naveed Ahmed
Alangayam Fayaz Ahmed
V. Basheer Ahmed
Shabbeer Ahmed (Kala)
Gulzar Ahmed
Salar Ansar Ahmed
Ilyas Ahmed (Periapet)
Akbar (Bawarchi)
Md. Kamal
Abdullah  - Batcha
B. Noorullah
TK Md. Imtiaz
Malayalam Afroze Ahmed
Shahid Ahmed (Periapet)

Class Mate in Islamiah High School

Fort (Madrasa e Azam)
Syed Md. Aslam
BM Nasir
Mandi Md. Jalal
Muslimpur(Nasir ul Islam)
V. Qadeer Ahmed
T. Md. Imtiaz
C Akbar Ahmed
T. Rafeeq Ahmed
Dokku Rafeeq Ahmed (expired)
Azeez Ahmed (PWD)(expired)
Dokku Ashfaq Ahmed
Gundu Shafeeq Ahmed
Cholavaram Md. Sayeed (Jhed)
Aftab Ahmed (New town)
Md Ali Khan (Newtown)
MS Mushtaq Ahmed(New Town)
Khaliq us zaman(New Town)
Zia ur Rahman(New Twon)

Afsar Ahmed
Riyaz Ahmed
Neel Field
Aamina Irshad Ahmed
Hami Ul Asgar
Molaikadai Md. Asadullah
M. Rafeeq Ahmed
Zakir Ahmed (expired)
Cholavaram Mushtaq Ahmed
C Md. Saleem
Hajeeba Imtiaz Ahmed
Cholavaram Rafeeq Ahmed

Khateeb Md. Yakoob
Siddiq Ahmed
CM Shafeeullah
Atul Fareed

Classmates in Islamiah College 

Kaniyambadi Ishtiaq Ahmed
Dokku Ashfaq Ahmed
Molaikadai Md. Asadullah
Atul Fareed
Rafeeq Ahmed (Froq, Ambur)
Faheem Ahmed (Computer)
Riyaz Ahmed (Ambur)
Kaka Irshad Ahmed
Kaka Shoaib Ahmed
Ramesh ( Ambuloor)
Riyaz Ahmed