Friday, July 20, 2012

Memories of Ramzan

Yesterday Prof Imran was just back from Mehdipattinam, Hyderabad. And was talking about the preparation of Ramazan, he witnessed there. Somehow, we remembered Ramzan of our childhood…..

In those days, as the first moon was sighted from the terrace and the decision was made amongst the din and the ringing of landline phone hovering over the masjid atmosphere, Haleem Bhai the mouzzin saab, walked to the big naqqara which would come out in the Sahan after a year long rest and started hitting to announce the commencement..
.the children run through the street, roaring at the top of their shrilled voice "Chanda Dikga, Chand Dikga", the youth would take their turn to hit the naqqara with a serious and matured smile, tninking themselves chosen ones. The Buzurgs of the mohalla would exchange a satisfied smile and Mubarakbad. We would gather along with our friends in the street corner, out side the house....Our elder ones would come from the mosque lately and would retort sharply "Aeh Andar ja" and occupy our place and starting chatting with their friends.

Now, time for Esha and Taraweeh. We would go to the mosque before time, played a lot with water in the name of Wodhu, get scolded by the elders. Ayub Bhai of Hajee Street would have dreadful appearance to tame the mischievous children. Out of anxiety, we would try to make our prayers in the front rows. he would catch us with our shoulders and bring back to the last rows where all the children were supposed to offer the prayers....And not to forget the Tasbih of Late Janab Naina Md. Fazal ur Rahman Sahib, which used to signify the descend of the holy month in Fort Mosque....A peculiar voice and a peculiar style of recitation.

The school would work half session only, after Zohr prayer, we would be on our own to do anything we find apt ...Flying kites would be the best to kill the time then....we would buy colored papers from the Chattier Shop which used to be next to Okay Store. We would make our own kite and go to roof top and fly the kites...then Appapullai Zubair was a big name, almost a terror in the sky....He would use manja, thread coated with powdered glass and the kites, which would be of white color normally and made of shaped bamboo sticks. While standing in the terrace, we would look that white terror f lying above our heads enviously. He would have a remarkable control over those kites. The kites would be just like acrobat; doing all kinds of gimmick in the sky...It would fly low and slow sometimes, suddenly take up, make rounds, releasing the shrill and vibrating noise in the air....

Now that the time has change, instead of cheerful cry of children in the street, the soundof siren confirms the Ramzan's coming. As soon as we hear the siren, we reach for mobiles involuntarily to see and send the sms of Ramzan Mubarak, the alterntive for kite are now computer games ....Pallan Nasir Bhai acts now Ayub Bhai while gunjee distribution, Malick Bhai is now crushing his teeth before the mischievous. In those days, we heard our elders saying, what a golden era that was....Now we are repeating the same. Maybe tomorrow, the children of today may have the same to say ....

Still, you may see Ramzan ul Mubarak has all it had, the same burkath, the same fazilat, the same charm, the same excessive ibadat, the roza, the taraweeh, the bayans, the freshness of face, the excessive crowding in the mosque, the still mornings, the busy afternoons, the calmer Kutchery Road in the evening before fasting, the crowded naditek before Maghrib and after taraweeh....

But sadly, we dont see those who are no more with us...the demised souls .....May Allah keep them in peace and forgive us all in this holy month!
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