Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Tagging Business (Facebook)

Nowadays definitely visitors to the Facebook are very few (at least from Vaniyambadi, if not world wide) and some become ghost - no commenting, no posting, no sharing and only sneaky viewing. If you want to post something important and some piece of information you want to share with your near and dear, just posting is not enough. You have to tag your friends. Otherwise it is only a matter of time your valuable hard-work touches the bottom of the hel...l, fondly known as WALL.

Why it is so nowadays. Otherwise they have been too willing to appreciate the right kind of things once. Okay, I may foresee few reasons, but I may be wrong in being so cruel and mean. However, let me check the list I made considering the present day scenario and at the same time want to know your valuable opinions and observations too on this regard.
  •  That FB looses its charm
  •  That people are busy in their chores
  •  That people love the content but don’t like the poster/writer….:( 
  •  That they are worried enough not to think, or see of anything constructive
  •  That the effect of FB policy of Promotion (Friends will not see your posting unless you shell out some money in the name of “promote”)
  •  That the Shaheen Dhada Impact matters very much here and now ( a consideration for national law enforcement system or vandalism by the public on commenting or liking)
I can see few of my friends struggling a lot to reach people and friends along with a message of peace or a suggestion of improvement with out expecting any obvious monetary benefit but only for His pleasure and their own satisfaction…
You know very well that after putting lot of efforts, they will come out with something creative that can be presented for reading/viewing in a media. Once posted and seeing no other way or running into some really cold shoulders, they resorted to that tagging business. Okay, they touched their marks forcefully, but doesn’t it look odd to see so many people tagged with a marvel……and the irony is some people get annoyed when tagged …they consider tagging an invasion of privacy (in public) or involvement by force…..what to do now…
Please find out some solution for the sake of artistic and social outlet other than tagging:
And hey…have no fear, I am not tagging anyone…be free, my friend….:)


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