Saturday, July 27, 2013

Find the animal in the Photo

Once you go out on some outing in the hill or forest with your family on a fine Sunday. To enjoy solitude and peace of mind, or simply for some quick puffs of cigarette, you leave behind your parents, wife and kids at a public and safe spot to enjoy in their own world of entertainment. Now you are away in a place surrounded by silence. There is an old tree growing up not so aesthetically on the right side of the pathway you are strolling on. As in the picture, the bark of the tree is hard, so ugly and
rough, around is unwanted growth of yellow bushes full of thorns, result of the recent atrocities of summer. Other side is the meadow full of grass (which cannot be seen in the picture ..:)). Sunny day, blue sky patched with bellows of white clouds, the warm sun is doing wonders to your body, the air is gasping softly, caressing your face soothingly….. In your mind nothing important is going on, but you are smiling pleasantly for reasons only God knows. Maybe in your mind your kid is demanding in his shrilled voice to get him the toy which you have already bought for him secretly or maybe thinking of your daughter proudly who has been promoted to 7th grade with merit. You are on cloud nine, remembering the recent crisis when your wife acted maturely and quenched the head of a petty snowballing problem successfully in your home to the satisfaction of everyone or about the deal which earned you a solid 30% of the investment, unaware that a beast hidden is watching you silently with an evil intrigue on its head.....

Okay….If you have not got bored, please try to find out in the picture who is watching you? And let me know….. Otherwise simply scroll down and get on your own business…. Thanks for your time!

TK Rafeeq Ahmed, Vaniyambadi


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