Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Fine Morning......

25.12.13: 09:45 am

No work, tannery was on restriction imposed by the CETP to rejuvenate the system. But no one had any reason and or interest to visit the tannery. The morality of the customers and the workers was touching to its lowest now a day. But I was there along with a security personnel and doing some odd pending jobs. I dusted off the unattended pile of files and took out the most boring but imperative documents, and immersed reluctantly. The painful silence reigned but breached frequently with occasional verbal bash of the tired mother from the neighborhood slum to her ever annoying children and the harsh sound of the bypassing aged two wheelers. The atmosphere was sun-drenched and filled with the tainted smell of stagnated waters around the wet-work area and the odor of decomposing dry salted skins which threatened to curtail the revenue-margins honestly.