Friday, October 28, 2016

F a t e

F a  t e

He was happy as this week proved to be too good for him. Everything was in his favour. He realised his long outstanding from his customers. People showed more interest in his product. In spite of a hectic day, he started to feel lighter like a butterfly. All the day the ringtone of his mobile was music to his ears. In the evening when he was in deep discussion with his clients, he overheard about an  accident which took the life of a local promising politician and the shops and hotels were closed to mourn or in anticipation of some untoward incidents. He continued to impress his clients in his zeal. Finally the discussion and presentation were over.  And it was 20: 45 pm.

Now he didn't want to travel back to his place.
All he wanted was to take a room in a lodge and have a peaceful sleep after a decent meal. One of the clients dropped him near the lodge. He waved him thankfully and started to look out for a decent place to eat. To his utter disappointment, he found no hotels opened in the town.  He remembered that all the business were closed to mourn the death of that politician. He had a bag  full of cash and a stomach with nothing, and it was not advisable to roam in the deserted town at this hour.  He cautiously moved to his lodge and went to sleep with an aching stomach, fully aware of a terrible night ahead.

In the morning he woke up to the sound of azan,  got ready and checked out the lodge to catch the train to Chennai.  In this hour, he took whatever were available outside - a cup of tea along with  few cheap biscuits and reached the railway station. The train was on the dot and had few passengers but he knew very well that when he reached to his place it would be fully packed. He grabbed a corner seat, clutched his bag and settled down comfortably.  It would take another four hours to show up in Chennai.

Finally, the train dashed to Chennai Central.  He was tired due to non stop chatting of the co passengers, lack of sleep and continued vigil on his bag.

He dragged out his bike from the parking lot and sped to his favourite restaurant. He was feeling so hungry that he ordered indiscriminately.  However, he could not take much as expected.  He cursed himself and
signaled the attendant to pack the left over and drove to his office after depositing the cash in the bank, relieved completely.

As he crossed his entrance, he heard the painful sound of a bagger girl, asking for a meal.  He stared her blankly. She seemed to be  in need of meal very badly.  Hunger writ large on her face. It could be anybody's guess that she had not taken anything since  a long time and  he had the latest experience of being hungry.... He handed over the neatly packed  left-over food to her and she grabbed that pocket so violently and started to eat there itself. Goosebumps..

All of sudden to him, it looked like everything was staged so that she should get something to eat this morning. In this plot, he and the dead politician were mere pans to advance the game in the right direction.

He said in his mind involuntarily...

Wallahu Khairur Raziqeen....
"Allah the Almighty is the best provider of sustenance"

Yesterday he, an affluent one,  did not get anything to eat and today this destitute was having a rich food.

PS: Idea of Abdullah Basha


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