Saturday, August 25, 2012


Sometime back we heard all of sudden that wearing a helmet is mandatory for the bikers in and around Vaniyambadi. Even SJ Tauseef too instantly made a detailed post of that news of reinforcement. With mixed reactions -some anticipating the long hours onthe road and some dreaming hefty wallets, the cops took up the position here and there in their immaculate uniforms with their sleeves rolled up. Sporting a stern and grimed look, they start to irk the innocent public (in their words), hunting the bikers without helmet.

Now, instead of going for a helmet to safeguard as per the diktat, this was the reaction/solution of the common man......Before embarking a road, an anxious query with a by passer 'Police hai?', on getting a response in negative, he would zip away fearing a delay may bring a man in khakhi on the spot miraculously ......In the workplace talk was about how he managed to escape cleverly when the cop was busy with an another offender or how he got caught due to foolishness of his pillion and fined mercilessly.......parallel streets were used to avoid main roads where the patrolling jeeps are stationed . But this time, the determined cops are not prepared to let loose, their rituals - stopping the bike, snapping out the key from dash board and scribbling the spot fine continued.

Seeing so much effort of Police, finally people understood that there was no way out. Every now and then query with the strangers, adopting the narrow lanes, being cautious of the police wont work anymore and shelling out a cool hundred bucks often when caught seemed more than a luxury. People made up their minds finally and started to buy the helmet reluctantly. As result of that resolution, more and more helmets in all shapes and shades, were pumped into the general stores. Some small timers put temporary showrooms to sale out in the busy commercial area along side the road and the resultant roaring sale was purely for their delight. Friends started greeting each others with 'achha hai na , kaN ba liya? kubbu, kitta? A battery of questions ....yes, he is talking about the helmet the other guy got recently.

Finally helmet became hot cake. People had them in their possession with pride and drove away past with out giving a damn to the on alert law enforcer. Now it was the turn of the helpless policeman to look away as soon he saw a fast approaching biker with a helmet. As soon as the biker entered an arterial road, his head would get swelled; otherwise the helmet would sit peacefully on the fuel tank like a little kangaroo....
Later, I heard that after a collection of spot fine to the tune of three lakhs rupees in the district and citing Ramzan as a reason, the law was relaxed and cops were instructed to ignore the bikers without helmet temporarily. But it was circulated that the edict will be clamped with more vigor maybe after Ramzan.....
Ramzan is over...let's see now.

No doubt He is the One and Only Who decide our last minute, we must remember that precaution and prevention are better than cure....and if we follow the system, definitely He is there to help us live a safe life and save us from the sudden death as our beloved prophet used to pray so often.

Maybe you know more about the incidents/true stories here:www.wearahelmet.orgPosted In Mashal Facebook Group


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