Sunday, October 28, 2012

Post Bakrid 2012

9: 00 am
Cloudy, slightly chilled and lazy morning….and with a nose running profusely…..Third day of Bakrid….so atmosphere filled with the aroma of the festival. I can hear laying in my bed, the sound of big knife (sattoor) falling on the wooden log (kunda) and cutting the reds into pieces, in a high Khz rhythmically from a distance. Perhaps someone decided to carry out the rituals today.

Yeste...rday my staffs was on leave because of obvious reason, hence I had to be there in the tannery with my ears slightly closed due to cold. And today, lets see and …..hope for the best. Reached my mobile and input the numbers….Wow…amazing. Reported my security man, the carpenter at his best fixing the drum, an active Suresh at the Setting Machine and a busy Muthu with another drum…. but under the watchful security and no ones’ supervision. … ..okay no regret, these were the best I can get in those days of Eid.. I decided to visit the doctor and run for the tannery.
11:15 am
Got off from home and rushed to the doctor…..Phews, there I realised that not just me was the victim but lot of people with red noses, sweaters and shaals and shrunken shoulders… I cant wait that long in the clinic for my turn…and my bike roared back again and with in no time me in the tannery…Nice…lot of noise of Drum and setting machine….Glad to hear that. Roaming and interacting with the people regarding the work
12:00 pm
Ohhhh…I completely forget my CM…..Miss Jaylalitha…. She stared me cruelly from the space like the sheep of Tariq Thangalvadi (23) and the tannery came to a stand still like the windmills found in the South….and a painful silence and in my thoughts a slowly deflating purse. Away in Chennai the TNEB minister picked his briefcase and started to his car and drove home for a rest of two hours. I stayed in the tannery surrounded by silence…what to do now! Ok. Why cant I peep into the Facebook…logged in and scrolled down happily…forgetting all the tortures of CM. Luckily the phone was fully charged.
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And so on…..
That’s all . I liked here and commented there
And wrote about my hours on the third day of Bakrid….and updated my dairy/status
1:00 pm
Time to go home for the lunch via clinic offcourse
Pray for my health ie my cold and nose....its so irritating
Take care ..Khada Hafiz— with Mohammed Omer and 3 others at Vaniyambadi.

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