Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Night before Republic Day

25 th Jan 2013

11:35 pm :: Yes it was always at the end of the day that we realised that the night has descended on us silently and gave the ample time to think that what we have been through all the nightmare under the sun and what should we do at the next sun rise. The night though darker and sometime even frightening, gaurantees us the space, rest and escape we need, and plug in us to the recharger called sleep to rejunenate for the activities waiting for us. A good example of blessing in disguise. Then, only in this
time when I feel nearer to my Creator and talk to Him about all my worries and the help I need. I thank Him for he has selected me to do in this world and provide my the noble and sacred objectives to live on.

In these time of the year ending and the year beginning, this Orion (constellation) - the three stars in a angled line along with the four stars marking the four corners of distorted rectangle ...lingers over our heads watching us sleeping from all the possible angles till 3:00 am. after that it got lost in the vastness of the sky to reappear again. I dont know why Egyptian phorahs were obsessed with this constellation, but it successfully fascinates me a lot unnecessarily....:) Watching a Natgeo episode, i came to know that once in a year the three stars attain a position in the sky when they were exactly perpendicular to the three pyramids. They have built the pyramid in that way which required lot of calculation and observation, but the purpose and reasons for this time consuming exercise still remain unknown.

oh....I must fetch some sleep.....though tomorrow would be a holiday - Republic Day..... I think this might be the first Republic Day when we indian started to wonder and ponder after that Delhi Rape, whether we really need this form of government at all .. Any way ...... good luck Indians ... maybe this time. A wish from an Indian!


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