Thursday, February 7, 2013

Go Green

Yesterday....the sun came out beyond the hills in the east and scaled up in the sky with its yellow face and the usual tempo to warm up the cold morning. All of sudden it was surprised to see an unusual activity there near Shakirabad Bridge. A festive atmosphere and a wave of excitement and enthusiasm. Soon it came to know that it was MECT team there with strong determination and dedication to plant and grow 200 trees on the banks of a lesser Buckingham canal of Vaniyambadi. So others in the town too
came to know of this event of the Sunnah being practised. Moving around were MECT team and the active wings of NSS from three schools dressed in well designed T-shirts with descriptive and attractive logo and, the staffs of Vaniyambadi Muncipalty to support them in this cause.

The presence of many a guests from the community only enhanced hope and optimism of the teams involved. I was privileged to be a part of this greater initiative and my sincere thanks goes to the co-ordinaters and volunteers of this projects.

To prove the Greek proverb (Sajjad Malang posted earlier in this thread) right, everyone present here did his best to plant the trees and go green inspite of being fully aware that his chances to sit under their shadows are very less: and showed his excellence , his society's excellence very well successfully.

At the same time I would like to remind myself and all those good hearted souls involved that now the responsibility has been clamped to our shoulders, we must see in every possible way that the plant grows into a tree gracefully. Tawwakal tu allal lahi؛

And is amazing to see the Chairperson, Mrs Kafeel moving freely with glee, interacting with the youngsters and responding to their queries patiently and uninhibitedly. I have few snaps of this great event and unforgettable moments, and only too glad to share with you all.... (

Chalte Chalte.... Another fact about tree in terms of money.....

***It costs 38 Trillion dollars to create OXYGEN for 6 months for all Human beings on earth. "TREES DO IT FOR FREE"
"Respect them and Save them".***

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